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Saturday, 7 February 2009

New gear, Monkeys next top model?

Several new movie monkey t-shirts have been added to the store. Which coincidentally would make fantastic valentine presents for the monkey-loving loved one in your life don't you think?

Incidentally anybody out there who would like to get their hands on some MPZ merchandise for free in exchange for modeling them here on the interwebs should e-mail me. To keep costs down I'd be looking for just one lady-model (0f fairly average size and build) based in the US.

Sorry to any would-be male models but you'd probably look silly in a girls' t-shirt! Also, although I'm based in the UK, the stuff would be shipped from Stateside, so shipping internationally would add to the cost. If you are interested and in that category then get mailing! Don't forget to include a pic.

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