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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

March Round-up

I'm going to try and start doing these again, so you can find easier to keep up if you're a not-so-regular visitor to the site. This will be the highlights of the last month but to see it in every single post of the month - you can click here.
  • We launched the 5th anniversary celebration of MPZ, by giving the site a makeover. It looks best in Firefox or Google Chrome.
  • The Flash Gallery became 'Movies' but it's still the same old nonsense. You can download most animations in mp4 format now too!
  • The series previously referred to as ud8.tv is now called 'Lovebytes' and has a snazzy new minisite
  • I made a promo video for Proving Ground's new album Through The Red Door. It's got zombies in it.
  • The booty section was updated.

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