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Monday, 6 April 2009

Boring techie update (updated)

If you swung by here in the last 24 hours in this space you may have seen a very happy post in this space about how I had overcome the problem with the coding on this page that made it look screwy on MS Internet Explorer. Very pleased with myself I was too. However checking back this morning I have no idea how but it's screwed up again. As a last ditch attempt I'm going to scrap the template and start again. So in the meantime there may be some disruption and the look of the site may change back and forth. Sorry for the disruption but hopefully It'll be worth it in the end.

update 14.55 BST: Site maintainence has begun. Site will look different for a little while, please bear with us.

update 16.30: Now looking pretty much as it should. A few bits of cosmetic changes still to go but so far so good! knowing my luck the small changes will cause the whole thing to go screwy again!

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  1. Just letting ya know it look good in Google Chrome :)