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Monday, 27 April 2009

Five Frickin' Years: MPZ goes HD

Monkey Pirate Zombie is officially Five Frickin' years old as of tomorrow (28th of April), which means expect all sorts of celebratory shenanigans over the coming days, weeks of months (we're five for a whole year after all). To kick off I have an announcement : that I will now be producing animations in HD. So I hatched a plan to transfer lots of my old toons into the new spanky format. Until I discovered that the HD-ness shows up the creakyness of some of the old material. So i decided I had to basically do it all again.

Which brings us to the shiny new version of my personal favourite animation from the site's history: Leprocop. It has been pretty much remade from the ground up (although the awesome voice acting remains) and is about 90% new, and very shiny looking. It's also a sneaky peak at where I'm looking at going with my trailer spoofs in future. You can check it out in HD on YouTube. (Make sure you click the HD tab to watch it in best quality)
This may be just the first of my old toons to get shinied up so watch this space.
(You can see the flash version here)

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