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Sunday, 31 May 2009


  • A couple of little things to tell you about today. Firstly our friends over at Proving ground are offering you the chance to win some goodies including the previously unseen uncut version of the Defiant One video. All you have to do it sign up to the mailing list (for free) and enter. Details here
  • A selection of Defiant One wallpapers, avatars etc. are now available.
  • I've added a link to our Youtube channel, which has now had a snazzy update. Why not stop by and leave us some friendly comments?
  • Defiant Merchandise has also been added to the shop

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The Defiant One

In collaboration with Proving Ground, I am finally able to bring you the finished article of the animation i've been working on for some time now The Defiant One. It's a music video- the first full length one I've produced, and it's the first for Proving Ground as well. The second single from Proving Ground's Album Through the Red Door, this video is a dark and violent look at a war between angels and demons, and the effects of betrayal. It's avaialble in lovely shiny HD on Youtube, or you can watch it in it's original flash form here on this very site. Finally, it is avaialble to download as a podcast episode. However you prefer to watch it, make sure you check it out!

We're on amazon, how'd that happen?

In 2006, I produced a little book MPZ: the bog book that I put up for sale on Lulu.com and has pretty much been forgotten about since. Oddly enough 3 years later, the peeps over at Lulu sent me an email to say that that its' been selected to be available through amazon.com market place. It's available to be seen here. If anyone wanted to buy it now It's cheaper to buy through Lulu directly but I just wanted to share the news of the book's unexpected reappearance... maybe it's time for a revised edition?

Oh and for my UK readers- it's on the US amazon only I'm afraid.....

Sunday, 17 May 2009

new 'shop

A small new photoshop for ya all. That's how I roll.

[click for big]

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Checking in

The new Proving Ground music video (which is what I am currently hard at work at) is progressing well. It may even be done ahead of schedule but time will tell. Other stuff is in the works too. Stay tuned....

Monday, 4 May 2009

May the 4th be with you..rofl

It's the unofficial Star Wars Day- May the 4th. So naturally the first Star wars monkey is here to celebrate. (Doesn't mean I forgive you Lucas!)

In other news, I am currently working hard at a new animation that hopefully will be ready before the end of the month. Either way I'm keen to show it to you guys and gals.


Wallpapers now available in small large wide