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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Operation Christmas Phase 3

It's still Christmas- the big day itself may have gone but it still Tis the season until after New Year's Day...Basically this is me apologising for not bringing to you earlier. I've been busy, what with yuletide and everything. But I got some time to spare so I've made a quickie animation that sees the return of a friend of the site, the fabulous Mr BD Bear. It's more an animated Christmas/ New Years Card than anything, (if you've seen BD's first appearance you'll know what to expect)

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Operation Christmas Phase 2

Here are the second of my set of Christmas Designs. A very merry Christmas to all you out there in internet land from MPZ! Click to Embiggen. See you soon!

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Operation Christmas Phase 1:

It's Christmas Eve so it's the first Festive post of the season ( I don't know how many I'll manage to get out, festive celebrations usually get in the way, but at least one more is waiting in the wings). Firstly here are two brand new pieces of artwork for you to check out: Click to Bigify

Secondly: my festive animation from 2005 has been given a bit of a lick of HD (virtual ) paint and added to Youtube. If you haven't seen it before make sure you check it out. Click here to watch it!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

New video

I've made a short promo for The Ontario Music Awards, which is open to Canadian music types (plus international submissions for an international category) from now til next July. I made it as a favour as the event's organizer is a friend of my Canadian buddy who you may know as the talent behind Proving Ground. Obviously it's not like my usual stuff (as it's just an info based promo) but I had fun messing around with the effects and you can see it over on youtube. I can always be hired to make promos for events or websites etc. so feel free to drop me a line. Proper MPZ type shizzle will be along this side of christmas.