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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Coming Attractions

2010 has started well so far, but I've got big plans for mpz in the coming months! I'm planning on beefing up my comics output and with that in mind MPZ now has a space on Drunkduck, one of the web's top webcomics communities. More info on that is coming soon. A site redesign should also be happening in the near future. A new collaboration with proving ground is in the pipeline too, so watch this space...

Monday, 25 January 2010

Lovebytes: the complete saga (sort of)

Lovebytes is now available on Youtube in HD. When I came up with the idea originally it was called UD8.tv- (pronounced you-date in case you were wondering). The plan was always to release the episodes separately and then combine them into a longer animation. Now six episodes and a name change later it's done. It was made complicated by the fact that I switched to doing animations in HD part way through, so the earlier episodes had to be tinkered with. The finished project only contains four of the episodes- I decided that the episodes featuring Lord Squiffington and Dotty were the weaker two so I thought it worked better without them. They can still be viewed here on the site.

So, that's it for Lovebytes. There may always be a second 'series' if this one proves popular (and I come up with enough ideas) and the characters may be back in other forms. But for now at least it's finished. You can check it out

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Lovebytes episode 6!

Here it is the first new animation of the year, of the decade even! It was meant to be done before Christmas but stuff got in the way. This follows directly on from the last episode in that it reuses a character from the Big brother animation but with a new take on the character. The character was initially played by my lovely friend but long story short I had to recast- and was able to take the character in a new direction. It now features a fantastic performance by a brilliant actress named Annabelle Bay.

Warning: Contains adult humour

You can watch it here. (Flash version) OR watch it/download it here as the podcast.

EDITED 23.1.10

Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year...

... from MPZ. Thanks for all your support in 2009 and there's plenty of exciting things planned for 2010! Normal service will resume shortly.