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Monday, 25 January 2010

Lovebytes: the complete saga (sort of)

Lovebytes is now available on Youtube in HD. When I came up with the idea originally it was called UD8.tv- (pronounced you-date in case you were wondering). The plan was always to release the episodes separately and then combine them into a longer animation. Now six episodes and a name change later it's done. It was made complicated by the fact that I switched to doing animations in HD part way through, so the earlier episodes had to be tinkered with. The finished project only contains four of the episodes- I decided that the episodes featuring Lord Squiffington and Dotty were the weaker two so I thought it worked better without them. They can still be viewed here on the site.

So, that's it for Lovebytes. There may always be a second 'series' if this one proves popular (and I come up with enough ideas) and the characters may be back in other forms. But for now at least it's finished. You can check it out

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