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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Balls to the world Cup!

Monkey Pirate Zombie will be one of the few UK based sites not to be swept up in World Cup fever. The World Cup is I believe a 'Kickball' tournament in which the Kickballers try to kick the ball (with their foot) into the Ball-hole. People everywhere (except Americaland) tend to make a big fuss about it for some reason, even though it is not AT ALL IMPORTANT. Kickballers get paid a ridiculous amount, presumably because it's such a horrible job, and they have to run around outside in the cold.

Joking aside, we will be a football free haven, and to celebrate our indifference, I've made this poster.Print it and stick in your window. Stick it on a flag outside your car. Stick it on your facebook profile. Show the world that you don't care!

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