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Thursday, 31 May 2012

What's Going Down?

Over the first half of the year I have been making progress in my efforts to become a writer type person. Seeing as I only have so much time, this has meant unfortunately my animation and cartooning work has suffered. As a result, MPZ has pretty much been on unofficial hiatus for most of 2012. Well, the good news is that I am now doing actually freelance work, and if this becomes my main employment then I am hopeful I will have more time to devote to my MPZ endeavours. Not to mention that I'd actually be paid to be doing something I actually enjoy for a change. So this pro work then? I am now contributing to new magazine MyM, which is now available on UK newsstands (plus other places such as Ireland, Australia and New Zealand I believe). Check it out! Issue 1 features my article on the Bleach anime movies. Issue 2 is out 7th June.

Well while I'm here, would you like to see a little cartoon I did? No? Too bad cos here it is. Hopefully it won't be too long until I post again!